The Chord view identifies the chords in each key. Simply rotate the Wheel, and then select a Major Key. The “Key Signature” and 7 chords for that key are displayed. In addition, the major, minor and diminished chords are identified.  


Keys-Chords will help music students, musicians, vocalist and music aficionados understand the relationship between Keys and Chords in the Major music keys. It is an ideal app for musicians who play the Guitar, Piano, Base or any instrument that can play a chord. in addition, It is a useful aid for anyone who wants to understand the musical relationship between keys and chords. Keys-Chords will remove the mystery and help you understand how to Transpose chords from one key to another.

The user interface consists of two views. The Chord view and the Transpose view. The Chord view identifies/displays the seven Chords in each key as a major, minor or diminished chord. The Transpose view will help musicians and vocalists change chords to play or sing a song in any of the major keys.

New in this revision of Keys-Chords 1.8:  The “Key Signature” is displayed for each Selected key.

--- This is an example on how to use the Transpose view ---

D                          D                                   G                             D 

                   all my bags are packed I’m   ready to go, I’m   stand-in here,  out

G                            D                                     Bm                         A

side your door, I   hate to wake __ you    up to say__ good  bye;

This song is written in the key of D. If you look over this song you will see a Bm chord on the second line. What if you don’t know how to play a Bm chord? What if you cannot form the Bm chord quickly? Or, what if you or another singer cannot sing the song in the key of D? Let’s look at the song in the key of C.

Transposing Chords

Key of D to the Key of C

Both the key of D and the key of C are displayed.

Read through the chords in the song and replace the chords in the key of D with the chords in the key of C. The down arrows point to the transposed chords in the key of C.

This is our song transposed to the key of C

C                          C                                   F                             C

                   all my bags are packed I’m   ready to go, I’m   stand-in here,  out

F                             C                                     Am                        G

side your door, I   hate to wake __ you    up to say__ good  bye;

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  --- --- THE CHORD VIEW --- ---

The Transpose view will show you how to transpose Chords from one Key to a different Key. Rotate the first wheel to select the key your song is in. Rotate the second wheel to select the key you want to play or sing the song in. Press select and the chords for the two keys are displayed.

Transpose Chords

Key of C to the Key of G

--- --- THE TRANSPOSE VIEW --- ---

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