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This is an evolving business, focusing our attention on creating easy to use music theory apps.  The iOS (iPhone Operating  System) allow us to present music theory in a intuitive way that simplifies learning.

Introduction - A little music theory

Music is all about sounds and rhythms. Keys are groups of notes and chords that form a scale and a range of sounds. Each key has a unique set of notes and unique set of chords. Notes played sequentially form the melody of a song. Chords which are made up of three or more notes played in unison, form the harmony of a song. It is the mix of melody, harmony and rhythms that add richness to a song.

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We have two music theory apps in the App Store.

- MScales: This app describes the scales (notes) in each of the major keys.

- Keys-Chords: This app describes the chords in each of the major keys.

In addition, each app has a Transpose View that shows you how to transpose, (to convert) your music from one key to another. (i.e. from the key of C to the key of B.)

Be sure to look at the Nashville Number System. It is in design and may be available some time in the future.

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