A Music Theory app for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch.


MScales is an intuitive App that will help music students, singers, musicians, and music aficionados develop a better understanding of the relationship the Notes in each Scale of the Major Keys.

The user interface consists of two views. The Scale View and the Transpose View

Click on the App Store logo and you will go directly to MScales in the App Store. 

--- --- The Scales View --- --- 

The Scales view displays the notes in the scale of the selected key. In addition to displaying the notes in the scale, each note is referenced to Solfegate Names. “Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti Do” are technically called Solfegate Names. We learned about them and how to use them when we studied music in elementary school. In Addition, notes in the scale are referenced to the numbers 1 through 7. The numbers are provided for counting and singing in intervals. These Solfegate names and the numbers will help you work through and understand the notes in each scale. 

--- --- The Transpose View --- --- 

You may want to change the notes in a song to a different key so that your instrument will match the vocal range of a singer, or other musical instrument(s) in a band or ensemble. The Transpose View will show you how to accomplish this task. The view is is useful for converting the notes in one key for the notes in a different key. For example, transposing or converting the notes for the key of Bto the key of C.

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